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I have uploaded $600 to Zidisha so far, as a donation, and that money has been lent out over 170 times, which means the initial $600 has been used for more than $1200 !Capture

This is a great way of following the money and seeing that your donations work, and really do help people!

For instance, so far we have helped:

  • Jane Kajuju buy cereals for her store,
  • Deogratius Oteba buy a bike to help distribute his goods,
  • Alex Masumbuko stock energy saving lightbulbs,
  • Wilberforce Oyiengo pay for his sons school fees,
  • Bramwel Cheroben purchase a dairy cow,
  • Ngeno Kiprono buy inventory to setup his own internet,
  • David Waigwa buy equipment for his videography service shop,
  • Joel Irungu purchase equipment to set up a mushroom and red earthworm farm! Awesome!

and the list goes on and on!zidisha2

If you sign up now using this link, you will get a free $10 credit to lend to someone of your choosing (this is the fun part!). I do not get any money from this, its not an affiliate link, I just get the happiness from sharing such a beautiful concept – that can really help people turn their lives around!

Use your $10 credit to fund a loan project of your choice, and follow the project’s progress as the loan is repaid to the organization.

Have fun 🙂



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