We’re J and H – and were starting a homestead in the south of Austria.

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Gartenarbeiten im April

April, April der macht was er will. Dieser Spruch beschreibt recht gut, das Dilemma in dem sich Hobbygärtner im April befinden. Zum einen gibt es schon viele sehr schöne sonnige Tage, an denen sich zahlreiche Gartenarbeiten erledigen lassen, zum anderen kann es recht schnell noch mal sehr kühl und frostig werden. Auch das typisch wechselhafte

Runner Bean Update!

I just wanted to show you the runner beans we planted not so long ago – They have reached the Balcony! That’s about 4 meters Tall! The tomatoes are still going strong, I like the Olla setup, which makes watering them a doddle, but, I will put them in rows next year so they have

Tomato Update 15/08/15

We have to eat all the tomatoes before we go away to England to get Married!!! We also harvested and froze 60L of Greens… 10 x 6L Freezer bags full – which will be used for instant cold green smoothies 🙂

Schlieber Herb & Permaculture Garden

Today we went to get some inspiration for our own garden at Schlieber Herb & Permaculture Garden. The family who own this amazing space started in 2004, and after ten years – it looks fantastic! I can only hope our garden can become half of what they have achieved in the next ten years! Above is

Stand Up Paddling!

We had a great time Stand Up Paddling with Chiara. www.chiara.fitness


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