Schlieber Herb & Permaculture Garden


Today we went to get some inspiration for our own garden at Schlieber Herb & Permaculture Garden.

The family who own this amazing space started in 2004, and after ten years – it looks fantastic! I can only hope our garden can become half of what they have achieved in the next ten years!

Above is a video of the garden as we were walking through.

Some ideas taken away from this:

  • Plant some flowers on top of the tomatoes to provide shade to the lower plants.
  • A few plants aren’t enough – we need to use all of the grass we have to produce produce!
  • Bees are really super important – so we need to plant lots of plants that bees love (see: plants for bees)
  • I need to read up on companion planting – what works well planted next to each other.
  • The berries tasted awesome – we need berries in our garden!
  • We should fill the gaps in our stone wall with lavender and thyme etc.
  • we need a green house!



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