Planning the South Side Veggie Patch


I’m just doing a bit of planning on the SSVG.

This picture is looking south – on the right hand side of the picture you can see that I’m planning some “North/South” raised beds. The N/S orientation provides the most sunlight throughout the day to all of the plants inside the bed. (E/W would mean that some bigger plants in the East side would block the light to the plants on the West side as the sun moved around, and vis-versa.)

They’re about 3m long, and I’m thinking that I will make them both about 1m wide, with a small 0.5m gap in the middle to walk down.

They’re gonna be perfect for out Green Kale seedlings!

On the left side, you can see some compost bins already setup to be made into 90cm*90cm raised beds.


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